Friday, 8 April 2016

Spring clean your way to happiness!

Mr Town Talk tells you how...

"I might be old but I'm as sprightly as ever! And I look forward to a good old spring clean to lift my winter spirits. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction; it's as good for the mind as it is for the body.

If your home is in need of a top-to-toe spring clean but you're dreading getting started or simply don't know where to begin, here are my essential top tips and best sellers:

Homemade remedies V specialist products

"There are plenty of homemade remedies around for giving your home a spritz, usually involving copius amounts of lemon juice, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or bicarbonate of soda! But do take care,  sometimes an off the shelf product is so much safer if you're unsure about what you're mixing. Plus a ready made product not only saves you space in the cleaning cupboard, it also brings a wonderful lasting scent to your home that home remedies just don't deliver.

"There are off the shelf products and then there is my Town Talk Original Household Cleaning Range. Mine doesn't contain nasty hazardous chemicals, phosphates or bleaches, but does provide a lot more 'omph' in the cleaning power department than most preparations. In fact, these are premium high performace products that have been carefully researched by my techinical manager. They're dreamy to look at and leave luscious lingering fragrances that make your home smell as fresh as an English country garden. This is a range I'm sure you'll be happy to leave out when the neighbours come to visit.

Remember outside as well as in
"If you have garden furniture now is the time to start thinking about wiping it down ready for warmer days. A swift squirt with my washing up liquid in some warm water will remove build up of grime or algae from rattan, plastic or metal furniture in a jiffy. The same solution works wonders on drain guards, drainpipes and gas/electricty meter covers that have a layer of accumulated winter dirt. Remember it's first impressions that last!"

Glass and windows

"Why spend time preparing your own concoctions when this product makes life a breeze? My Classic Tea Glass and Mirror Cleaner is a spray that works exceptionally well on shower screens to remove soap build-up and glass topped tables for fingerprint-free shine as well as windows and French doors if, for example, you have a pet that likes to add nose prints to the glass. The scent is divine; an enduring, delicate fragrance of tea leaves that wafts around wherever you choose to spray. Use neat and buff glass with a soft microfibre cloth and you'll be converted forever!"

Hard floors

"Most manufacturers try and push a multitude of different products for cleaning different types of floor covering, but in my vast experience I don't feel it's necessary. My Bitter Orange Floor Cleaner is fit for marble, slate, stone, polished concrete, wood, ceramic, teraccotta or even vinyl flooring for a non-slip finish. Just add a drop to a bucket of warm water and you'll banish dirt to vanishing point, leaving rooms and hallways alive with a zesty bitter orange fragrance.  Try it on outdoor decking too and see what a difference it can make."

Wooden furniture, work surfaces and chopping boards

"If your kitchen has a wooden worktop, or to revitalise a heavy duty wooden chopping board, then my Renowned Wooden Work Surface Wax is for you, and is one of my best sellers. Its unique blend of non-toxic ingredients makes it ideal for cleaning wooden chopping boards, butchers blocks, bowls and utensils - especially where the ‘end grain’ is exposed. It also brings a deep, long lasting shine to all fine quality wooden furniture including outdoor dining sets to get them ready for summer. In fact, wood simply loves it! As does the Daily Express when the paper recommended it in a spring cleaning feature."

"Fantastic product which I use all around the house Every one loves the hit of orange as they enter the house. Fragrance lasts well. Makes a great wood kitchen work top look heavenly." January 2016

All my products are available to buy direct online on my website 

I hope you have hours of happy spring cleaning!
Mr Town Talk, The Polished Gentleman 

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