Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Diamonds - A Fiancé's Best Friend

There are three times of the year when marriage proposals receive a boost - Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day. When emotions and merriment are running at a high, it seems there is a rush in the number of people stooping to bend one knee.

Whilst the sapphire engagement ring given to Kate by Prince William has seen a wealth of replicas appear on the market, the traditional diamond continues to be the most popular engagement stone.

Recent press coverage suggests the minimum one should spend on an engagement ring is £1000. Clearly such an expense is considered a worthy price to pay for a lifetime of commitment. So caring for such an extravagant outlay should be equally as important - but considering engagement rings are worn everyday how many times would you think about deep cleaning it to ensure its blingability?

Here are Town Talk's Top Tips for caring for a new or antique diamond engagement ring:
  1. Diamonds are extremely durable. More often than not it is the case or settings that gets damaged and cause stones to be lost or chipped. So we advise you to take your ring to a professional jeweller from time to time, to have the setting inspected. 
  2. Store your jewellery carefully. Keep diamonds separate from all other jewellery as they could scratch semi-precious stones, which are often much softer. Ideally store pearls away from diamonds in microfibre pochettes from Town Talk Polish.
  3. Everything from body lotions to soap suds, garden dirt, household dust or oils in your skin can make a new engagement ring appear dull and lacklustre. Diamonds are best deep cleaned every few months in Town Talk's Jewel Sparkle or Impressive Jewellery Spray. For everyday shine, keep a Diamond Polishing Cloth to hand, it'll make any precious item sparkle in a moment and since the fabric is washable you can use it time and time again.
So if you're considering popping the question, pick up a Town Talk diamond care product online or from a top jeweller, to go with your engagement ring, and you'll really show how much you care!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Time to Stock up for Christmas

5 sparkling ideas to improve your jewellery store turnover with Town Talk Polish

If you are a super-organised jewellery retailer who is already gearing up to maximise your sales this festive season, be sure to order your Town Talk Polish jewellery cleaning kits now to increase your revenue further. Here are five ways  Town Talk could help you:

  1. Be proud to offer the BEST: Retailing Town Talk Polish is an easy way to increase impulse sales at the counter.  Whether you specialise in specific gems or offer a wide selection of jewellery products in your store, there is an expert Town Talk Polish product designed specifically to grab dirt and reduce tarnish build-up. By retailing Town Talk you're offering the best products on the market - products that actually work, every time - and thus you can be confident you're giving the best advice on caring for and protecting beautiful, treasured possessions;

  2. KEEP the conversation going: Town Talk Polish products help you to maintain conversations with customers in your shop. No other brand delivers such unique, eye-catching products and packaging, featuring my illustrated antics and my handy cleaning hints and tips! So bring some fun into jewellery care and a smile to faces. My team can even help with point of sale displays and merchandising ideas;

  3. Exclusively made in BRITAIN, you can attract customers who want to fly the flag and support British manufacturing. Eco-aware customers and staff will like the fact that Town Talk is shipped from down the road in Bolton, Lancashire. Make sure you've got your Town Talk window sticker on display to show you're a stockist;

  4. FAST delivery means you won't be hanging around waiting for a shipment to arrive. Begin promoting a Town Talk Polish product with each sale now and by Christmas your teams will be a dab hand at nailing a quick and easy up sell;

  5. OWN BRAND cloths are a special way to make a huge difference to your brand, helping to position you as the preferred retailer: remember small details mean big loyalty! Any of my jewellery cleaning cloths - gold, silver, pearls, watches or microfibre cloths - can be made in your colours, printed with your logo and packaged to seamlessly mirror your brand. For the ultimate wow factor this is a no-brainer.
To discuss any Town Talk Polish product with my expert team call Town talk direct on 01204 529981,


Mr Town Talk, The Polished Gentleman