Monday, 29 February 2016


To those of us living in the fast, glossy, digital world there’s one thing we all need that would improve life no-end. When you’re next surfing the internet on your phone or tablet computer – especially if it’s a bright day – inspect the grime and fingerprints blighting your screens. If you had a suitable cloth to hand to remove all marks, leaving all devices crystal clear, that would surely be a splendid thing!

As the official cleaning and polishing expert, Mr. Town Talk, the Polished Gentleman, has an effective solution, since the result of using liquid cleaner, spray or water on your most treasured (and expensive) techno toys could be catastrophic. Buy a new pair of sunglasses or spectacles and you’d expect a quality cleaning cloth with your purchase. So why don’t we look after our most expensive possessions in the same way? In addition to improving hygiene levels of our most touched items, they’ll look so much better too.

Town Talk’s Brilliant Spectacle and Screen Anti-Smear Cleaning Cloth is the simple answer. This exceptionally fine little cleaning cloth is a miracle of 
versatility! Made from wonderfully 
soft microfibre material, it not only gives your spectacles 
a clear-as-daylight finish, it’s also brilliant at cleaning mobile phone screens, tablet devices, monitors, TV and computer displays, car windows, mirrors etc. In fact it will polish any smooth surface where there could be a build up of fingerprints, dust and grime, in a jiffy. 
All Town Talk cleaning and polishing cloths are made in Great Britain to tough British Retail Consortium Global Standards, so we’re confident they’re outstanding. What’s more, the Brilliant Spectacle and Anti-Smear Cleaning Cloth is washable - little wonder it’s so popular with bright young things everywhere. It’s an all-round winner!

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